Foster Application

Thank you for applying to foster with STAR! We are always in need of more people willing to house our birds until they can be adopted.
Because we are a volunteer organization, it can take up to two weeks to fully process an application. In that time, all applicants will undergo a background check, a veterinary check, and if both pass, a home check.
Once these are passed, the next steps will be to attend a Volunteer Orientation and our Basic Bird 101 Foster Class (held together monthly at the Humane Society on Macklind).

If you have not heard from us, check your spam folder or email for updates on your application.

Note: Incomplete, out of area, or ridiculous applications will be denied out of hand, with or without notification of the applicant. Please ensure all questions are answered to the best of your ability. Due to the volume of applications (adoption, surrender & foster/volunteer) received, it is not feasible to reach out asking for information regarding incomplete applications.

If you are not 18 or over please do not continue. We cannot accept fosters under 18.

Please note, fosters must reside in the greater St Louis Area (within 50 miles of St. Louis). Fosters may live in Missouri or Illinois.

Residential Information

If you do not own the home, complete contact information for the landlord or owner of the home is required (including name & phone number). Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Home visits are required for all foster applicants in order to ensure a safe environment for every bird that passes through our program. If you are not willing to go through this step, please stop filling out the application at this point.

Current Pet Information

(Please include name, species, age, spayed/neutered, de-clawed?, indoor/outdoor, how long have you had them and date of last vet visit for each current pet)

(Depending on jurisdiction, there may be limits to how many animals are allowed to be fostered at one time. This does not affect your ability to foster, but may limit the number of animals you are able to foster).

Vet Info

STAR performs a veterinarian check for all current pets. Dogs/Cats must be up to date on all mandatory vaccines and have had a wellness exam within the last year. Many species of parrots (and some other exotic pets) also require a wellness exam within the last year in order to foster with us. STAR recommends that all other pets have a relationship with a veterinarian.

Specific vetting requirements may vary depending on species of pet. Our foster team can answer any questions regarding these requirements during the application processing.

Complete Veterinarian contact information required. Incomplete applications will not be processed. If you do not currently have veterinarian simply notate "n/a".


Having limited or no bird experience does not disqualify you as an applicant.

We would love to help you find a match for your family, but please note that STAR does not do foster to adopt placements.  If you are interested in fostering solely for the purpose of adopting, then please consider submitting an adoption application.

Pre-Home Visit Photo Submission

Please upload photos of your home including your main living spaces, anywhere a potential bird will be spending time, along with photos of any existing cages or pet enclosures.
Note- not all requested photos may apply to you.

If you are not able to upload photos, you may also email the necessary photos to
(emailing photos instead of using this form may cause a delay in processing your application.) Thank you.

Additional Photos of Your Home

Please add photos of any additional areas of your home where the bird(s) will be spending time.
Examples include: living room, basement, screened porch, playroom, bedrooms

Current Enclosures

Please upload photos of your current animals' enclosures/set-ups. This includes bird cages/playstands as well as the enclosure for animals such as snakes, ferrets, rabbits, sugar gliders, guinea pigs... etc. Please also include a photo of any fish tanks.

Any notes/comments regarding the photos, or questions regarding the application process or fostering?

Foster Agreement

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. This is not meant to intimidate you nor to cast a negative light on exotic birds. Rescued birds are no more and no less likely to behave in an unpredictable manner than any others. But, we want to make you aware of possibilities when working with them.

The birds STAR - St. Louis Avian Rescue places in foster homes have been surrendered, abandoned, or in some way displaced. They may have been abused or neglected. There may only be limited information available regarding their previous environment. STAR will share with you what information we have.There will be an adjustment period. Remember to be patient, consistent, and understanding.

The birds placed in foster homes may not have been seen yet by a veterinarian. Avian medicine is a relatively new discipline. It is possible for a bird to be a carrier of, or infected with, a disease that is undetectable with the current tests and tools available today. Therefore, you should quarantine any bird new to your flock. STAR recommends a minimum period of 30 days.

If a bird is placed with you, you will be responsible for providing appropriate food, water, toys, perches and loving attention. STAR will provide the cage. Proper setup of cages according to the guidelines provided by STAR is expected of all foster homes. STAR will be financially responsible for the veterinary care. However, you will need to provide transportation to and from the clinic.

I understand STAR is actively seeking a permanent home for any bird placed in foster care. I certify that I will return to STAR, upon request, any bird placed in my home for foster care.

I certify that I have never been charged with nor convicted of domestic abuse/violence, assault, animal cruelty, animal abuse or neglect in Missouri or any other state. I certify that no one in the household where this bird would reside has been charged with nor convicted of domestic abuse/violence, assault, animal cruelty, animal abuse or neglect in Missouri or any other state.

I, the undersigned, acknowledge there are risks in visiting, housing, and/or handling exotic birds, including illness or injury to pets or myself, and/or damage to my property. I agree to release STAR - St. Louis Avian Rescue, from any liability in the event.

Signature Instructions:

Use your mouse to sign your name by clicking and holding it down as you write if not using a touchscreen device.