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I hereby authorize the release of ALL medical records pertaining to the listed animal(s) to representatives of St. Louis Avian Rescue (STAR).


This is not meant to intimidate you nor to cast a negative light on exotic birds. Rescued birds are no more and no less likely to behave in an aggressive or unpredictable manner than any others. But, Saint Louis Avian Rescue wants to make you aware of possibilities when working with them.

The birds that Saint Louis Avian Rescue place have been surrendered, abandoned, or in some way displaced. They may have been abused or neglected. There may only be limited information available regarding their previous environment. S.T.A.R. will share with you what information we have. There will be an adjustment period. Remember to be patient, consistent, and understanding.

Avian medicine is a relatively new discipline. It is possible for a bird to be a carrier of, or infected with, a disease that is undetectable with the current tests and tools available today. Therefore, you should quarantine any bird new to your flock. We recommend a period of at least 30 days – 90 would be even better.

If a bird is placed with you, you will be responsible for providing appropriate food, water, and loving attention. Many parrots have an extremely long life expectancy. Please think carefully about this. Are you ready to make this commitment?

I certify that I have never been charged with nor convicted of animal abuse or neglect in Missouri or any other state. I certify that no one in the household where this bird would reside has been charged with nor convicted of animal abuse or neglect in Missouri or any other state.

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