When Blush came to us, she had a sister named Ebony who has since passed on. They came from owners who no longer could keep them. Previously, they were living in kennels most of their lives. Blush still howls and talks but unfortunately at her age, she has become incontinent. She is in a foster home where she has found consistency and understanding for her accidents. Your support of Forever Husky allows for us to give huskies like Blush and Ebony loving forever homes to live out the rest of their days, where they may not have found them otherwise. Thank you for your support.



Nannuk and Qannik are a gorgeous pair of fun loving pups. Nannuk is stoic and regal with a beautiful trot, and while he looks like a tough guy he's a complete softy! Qannik is a bit of a goofball, loves to cuddle, and taunt; definitely the class clown. They are good walkers but are a working breed and need to be reminded to ""stay with me"" from time to time. They aren't much into tricks but are obedient, they sit while being cleaned up after, lay down, and resist treats until told to ""take it"". Treats include the usual pet store fair and most vegetables, the crunchier the better. They love a good brushing and being huskies they need it regularly. They LOVE to wrestle and can run up to 4 miles, maybe more with regular conditioning. But are also very content relaxing around the house. The most wonderful place in the world is the dog park, they are both huge flirts and love to say hi to everyone, dog or human. They almost never bark, yes really, they only bark if you taunt them. They never howl, they will whine on occasion but will stop with a firm ""hush"". They are strong yet gentle souls that need a confident pack leader and loving environment.



Both Ebony and Blush came from a owner who no longer could keep them. While they were well kept these two sisters were also show dogs. While Blush maybe shy her sister is definitely not and extremely friendly. To ensure that both settle in their new home and have the necessary support at their age, both Ebony and Blush would need to be adopted together.



Caleb came to Forever Husky because a volunteer at the Humane Society he came from was concerned about his health. He was vomiting and not gaining any weight. Because of this volunteers commitment to helping Caleb she contacted us. After talking to the volunteer we promised we would do everything possible to help him. Initially we took him to our regular vet and discovered anomalies with his blood work and x-rays. Our vet recommended we seek expert advice. Because of our positive experience with University of Wisconsin Madison School of Veterinary Medicine we took Caleb there as soon as possible. He spent a week up there and after many many tests it was discovered Caleb has Muscular Dystrophy...not common in dogs (especially huskies) but not unheard of. Because of the effects of ""M.D."" Caleb has an enlarged liver and his heart muscle does not function properly-he is on medication to help him with his heart function. His muscle structure in general is slight compared to other dogs and always will be but...he is a happy boy. Caleb has the absolutely sweetest disposition and He loves his friend Laurel-he plays with her frequently until he gets tired and then he rests. He loves his toys and will hold them if a someone approaches to let them know they belong to him. We don't know how long Caleb will be with us but we promise to love him and make sure he gets the best care available.