Nuka is a very strong, mighty Alaskan Malamute mix (Tamaskan) but yet a gentle giant. He is a big kid with a big loving heart. Nukas loves to play and enjoy lots of energetic activities. This is when he shows his strengths. He plays rough with the typical jumping, body slamming, and the chase me game and can be mouthy when playing. He loves stuff animals-leave him alone with one or two, and you will see him flipping them in the air as he catches it and runs with it. It is a joy to watch. Walking him will be a treat for you and him. He walks well without tugging or pulling and stays by your side so both of you can enjoy your walk. At his foster home, he is content, sitting by your side with cuddles. Nukas favorite time at his foster home is sitting on the lounge chair as he watches cars and people walk by.
The right home for Nuka would require a 5-6 foot fence and an understanding that he has the high predatory instincts, small animals like squirrels, rabbits, cats and possibly small dogs could be at risk. Therefore, having husky northern breed experience is also a requirement for adopting this tall, handsome boy.



Somewhere in poor Diesel's life he was not only ignored but possibly abused. We believe he was used as a breeder and kept outside (as is evident by the fly strikes on his ears). Diesel is a sanctuary dog, that means Forever Husky is his forever home. He was diagnosed with malignant melanoma July 2019. We, at Forever Husky, are committed to his continuing care and quality of life. Please help us help Diesel with the best life possible by supporting Forever Husky. Diesel thanks you



Mel came to Forever Husky from a high-kill shelter in Kentucky. Given Mels brute personality, we gave Mel the opportunity of a lifetime, to learn from the trainers at TOPS. These are many of the same trainers who train your local K9 officers. Despite everyones efforts, Mel did not pass the program. Therefore, Mel has found his forever home at Forever Husky. We are thankful we can give him a new lease on life and thankful for others like you who give to our charity making saving huskies like Mel possible.